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Welcome tone lovers !

Here are some info on the gear currently available.

My priority is to build tone machines that goes a bit further on than just cloning amps that so many are doing today, these following amps are result of over 30 years of research for the ultimate clean guitar tone that responds extremely well to effect pedals, all built with careful attention to tone.

Mother Classic reverb 70, 6550 tube poweramp.  I set up the classic Mother reverb amp in this version to produce the most big huge sound possible but still at decent volumes for club gigs , there is simply nothing out there with this unique clean fat sustain response to pedals ,  and works fantastic with all pedals like fuzzes, distortion and overdrive,  Panel controls are: Pre volume HI – LO –  R/S switches, Treble, Middle,Bass, Reverb send, Reverb return, Master vol, Presence, 4-8-16 speaker out,

Price 4225 Euro

Also check out  Philip Sayces website  !  http://philipsayce.com/  

Mother RG 70, 6550 tube power amp. Ramon Goose Signature amp,  this is an amp with massive clean headroom that works great with pedals and projects tone in a wonderful way, this version has slightly cleaner tone than the Mother classic . Hi -Lo – R/S switches, treble, middle, bass, Reverb shape /return  Master vol presence – 4-8 ohm speaker out- This version now available with the same full sounding reverb design as the Mother Classic and same size chassie .

Price  4225Euro

Both the Mother versions are great for SRV style tones and  the Mother Classic can be ordered as the current standard or a tad more gain version.

Ramon Goose website (https://ramongoose.wordpress.com/

Enchilada,  MODS  for all old Fender reverb amps.from Deluxe to Twin, making them sound larger than life and with a killer response and tight bottom end and has quick response and and wonderful presence, just full deep clear tone, I done this circuit version to Philip Sayces Fender amp.  (Please, this mod offer is limited depending on my schedule, so please send me a email and I see what I can do )  I can do this on  all the Fender Deluxe ,Vibrolux ,Vibroverb, Super and Twin reverb that has old style point to point board (but not on the pcb reissue amps) I no longer offer Princeton amp mods- You send only the chassie and it gets a totally new signals circuit, new caps and tubes .

Prices – 850 Euro  for the Deluxe reverb amps – 900 Euro for the Vibrolux reverb, Pro reverb and super reverb      1100Euro  for the twin reverb/dual showman reverb 100w amp conversion.

Thunderbrake,  Power Attenuator  4-8-16  100w.  250Euro  **You can use Paypal for this unit.

Spider, splitbox to use in multiparalell amp setups for that wide fat SRV, Sayce style amp sound, from 1 to 4 amps at once, produces a great wide big tone.  99 Euro   **You can use Paypal for this unit.

**NOTE ** Exotic wood cabinets and fronts is no longer available and I am now also avoiding taking on one/off projects, I will focus on my standard amp models above right now and do some slight fine adjustments to them for the customers playing style if so desired , all gear are built to order, if you just want a standard  version of any amp that is of course also fine, but I can no longer accept special one off amp custom work  due to limited work time.,

/ All amp order payments are done via banktransfer, no paypal for amps, only the smaller items .

** All prices may change depending on currency swings so please check with me !!

For sale , click.. Currently avalible, New and used gear. *Updated  Nov -20



Philip Sayce

Philip Sayce playing the Enchilada mod Fender amp.

Ramon Goose plays the RG70 amp with a reverb pedal from Free the Tone

Check out Nik Sevignys youtube channel with lots of cool Guitar and amp goodies https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYCrei3LwCnPwdUOv42KdIA

Paul Wright plays the Mystic Reverb amp

Olli Siikanen playing the KTC amp.

Chris Chown playing a Enchilada mod Super reverb.